Hard Times Are What Makes Us Stronger

For a long time I looked at all the hard times I went through as wearing me down. Like sandpaper on wood non-stop. The more I was sanded the thinner I became. It took me many years to realize that I wasn’t being thinned but instead I was being finished. I was being made into a beautiful work of art.

Hard times can be tiring and trying but it is how you perceive those times and utilize them. The fact that you are still here today is enough to prove that you made it through. You survived what you thought you couldn’t.

Healing from those experiences can be difficult but not impossible. Even I still have days when I feel like no one is on my side and I will never get better but those feelings pass. I have to see that I HAVE gotten better because if I wasn’t getting better I would not be doing the things I am doing now.

I was watching a show about a girl who survived getting raped and almost killed. She said that someone told her, “Your pain will become your purpose.” She chose to go to school for psychology because her purpose was to use the pain she went through to help others get through the same pain. That is what I want to do. I want to use my pain as my purpose to help others see that there is always room for healing.

You may feel worn down and hopeless at times but during those times you just need to stop what you’re doing. Just take a moment to yourself and relax. Take a nap even, I know that helps me. You come first. You need to remember that even though horrible things may have happened to you, those things will NOT control you and will NOT win. You had the power to survive during those times so you definitely have the power to survive after those times. Never ever give up on yourself.


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