Arms hugged around my cold lonely legs.

Tears roll down my cheeks down my legs to my feet.

Salty and sad I drown in this pool full of tears.

They evaporate. To where? I don’t know.

Someone is at the door knocking.

Not enough room for me to move.

Too many locks on the door.

My legs need to stretch but they’re stiff.

I unlock the locks on the door ready for air.

It takes time to get out. I was there for so long.

The next room is still empty.

Still surrounded by walls.

There are no doors here.

The only way out is up or down.

There is a shovel and latter.

Which way do I go?

I feel the earth move beneath my feet.

I feel the breeze coming from above.

Do I dig deeper and take the slow way out?

Do I climb the latter and risk falling down again?


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