Stranded on an Island?

Stranded on an island? What do you do? Do you give up and let yourself die or do you change, adapt and survive?

Imagine your life being a boat sailing in a big ocean. There are predators, friendly beings, food, water, changes in weather, changes in tide and sometimes huge waves that can knock you down.

What do you do if a wave does come crashing down on you and you become damaged? Do you allow predators to come eat you alive? Do you let friendly ocean creatures guide you to land? Do you use whatever resources you have to survive?

Let’s say that you do find your way onto a deserted island. Do you give up and die waiting for someone to come to your rescue or do you adapt to your new surroundings and survive?

Life is full of surprises. There will be times that your life can change in an instant. What really counts in that situation is how you handle it. There are resources all around to use. It is okay to take advantage of those resources.

Whether it be a friend, therapist, family member or even a caring stranger, seek guidance or just someone to vent to if needed. You’d be surprised how after letting out what you have bottled up inside you feel like a weight has been lifted.

That is why I started I want to create a place where people can listen, learn, share and get help surviving after a storm or after being stranded on an island all alone.

Sometimes people just need someone else to vent to. Guidance for You provides friends just for that. Sometimes people want advice without the tainted views from friends, co-workers or family members. Some Guidance for You friends will have been where you are and can help guide you through whatever you’re going through.

Consider surviving. Consider living. Give yourself the chance you deserve to live a better life and enjoy every moment. It is possible because anything is possible.



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