Where Are You Mother?

Mother. Where did you go?

I’ve always wondered about you and wanted to know.

Why did you leave and why did you give me away?

Was I the one to blame? Is that why you didn’t stay?

I long for you and still wonder why.

I sit up at night and I can’t help but to cry.

Please come back mother, please be in my life.

I promise I’ll be good and not cause strife.

Maybe I am mistaken and maybe it was for best.

Perhaps you weren’t ready and perhaps I am blessed.

One day I hope to find you so you will see.

What you missed out on and what we could be.

Or maybe I’m just dreaming a fantasy fairy tale.

Like bread I have been waiting too long and I am already stale.

Will you just be a thought of what could have been?

You will always be a part of me, a part of me within.

I wonder if you are thinking of me right now.

I may never know but for my kids, I will never leave I vow.



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